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How to Install SSL Certificate at SiteGround

Feb 07, 2023
3 min read
Installing an SSL Certificate at SiteGround Hosting

An SSL certificate is essential for securing your website and improving its credibility. It encrypts the sensitive information transmitted between your website and its users, ensuring that it is protected from potential breaches.

Furthermore, in August 2014, Google announced that it would use HTTPS as a ranking signal. This means that websites that use HTTPS will be ranked higher in search results than those that don’t.

With SiteGround, the process of installing an SSL certificate is straightforward.

This tutorial will cover the steps required to install an SSL certificate on your SiteGround website successfully.

Right, let’s get started.

This tutorial assumes the following:

  • That you have already created a website on SiteGround, such as WordPress.

How to Install an SSL Certificate at SiteGround

As you can see, installing an SSL certificate on SiteGround is a simple process. It should be automatic, but on the rare occasion it isn’t, you can install one manually using SiteGround’s Site Tools dashboard in less than a minute for free.

Now that you have successfully installed an SSL certificate on your SiteGround website, we recommend that you automatically redirect all visitors to the HTTPS version of your website.

You will find complete instructions on how to do this in the following article: