Google Only Uses One Price per URL From Structured Data, but Is There a Workaround?

Oct 28, 2022
2 min read
Google only uses one price per URL from structured data

A user on Reddit was asking for help with adding structured data for a product using multiple currencies. Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, replied that it is impossible to have more than one price per URL.

The user posted the following code:

Product structured data with multiple currencies.

The code in question does validate in the Structured Data Testing Tool, albeit with several warnings (which is fine).

Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller replied that you could only have one price per URL.

AFAIK, we only track 1 price per URL for search so that multiple currencies won’t work.

Wait. Google does use multiple product prices per URL, after all.

Mueller is not entirely correct in his statement. It is possible to use schema for multiple prices on a page and then display the range of pricing for the SERPs.

Take the following search snippet, for example:

Product structured data with price range.

In this case, the page lists a table of prices for the different products offered by the company being reviewed.

It would make sense if this implementation were part of the AggregateOffer property, where you can designate a high and low price, but in this instance, that was not the case.

Google can extract the range of pricing directly from product pricing.

Of course, this is not relevant to the Reddit query, as I don’t know how Google would be able to compare different currencies for the same product.